Auto restoration is an art, not a science. This makes estimating exact costs before work begins impossible. There are simply too many unknown factors at the beginning of a project.

For example, extensive rust can be temporarily covered over with by a paint job. Structural damage can also be hidden from view beneath body work.

Unlike collision repair shops there is no hard and fast rule for in restoration for estimating costs. Unfortunately we can’t always tell what will be involved in achieving your goals by a visual inspection. We will be happy to talk about what other projects have cost, and offer insight from our past experience.

Since we view every project as a collaborative effort with our clients, we prefer you to be involved in the process. We explain options and likely outcomes and leave the decision to you. For example, if your goal is to have a nice driver, you may want to cut costs by eliminating some of the detailed paint work underneath the car or in the engine compartment.

However, if you want a top-quality show car, we will spend time on these areas. No matter how far you want to take your restoration, we encourage you to be actively involved in the project. Doing some of the research, and locating some parts on your own not only saves you money, it also increases your sense of pride in the completed car.

No deposit or upfront money is required to begin your project. We bill by the hour and customers are invoiced every two to four weeks. Each invoice includes a short description of the work performed and how long it took. We mark up parts and paint supplies.

Each invoice also includes a 8% x labor charge to cover cost of non-trackable items, such as tape, sandpaper, hardware, welding rods, etc.

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on your restoration project call us at 940-668-0336, or email us Contact us today for current shop rates and to set up an appointment.